How to get rid of Bad Interior Smell from Your Car

If you feel bad interior smell in your car, it is definitely very unpleasant. There can be a variety of causes for the bad odor in your car. You need to eliminate that bad odor to make it feel like new. So you obviously need a proper hygiene of your car. For this purpose, you need to begin with som Continue reading

Drive by Wire Throttle - Corolla & Civic

DBW, Drive by wire, Steer-by-wire, by-wire, or x-by-wire technology used in automobiles is use of electrical systems to perform the functions of the automobile traditionally through mechanical linkages. This technology got known to the Pakistani mechanics and consumers when it was introduced in 8th Continue reading

Type of Brakes Used in Your Car

The cars have different types of brake depending on their making. The most common type of braking system is the anti-lock system. Besides being so common, it is still not used in many cars. Now we will explain different types of brakes that are used in different cars in Pakistan. Disc Brakes In di Continue reading