Drive by Wire Throttle - Corolla & Civic

DBW, Drive by wire, Steer-by-wire, by-wire, or x-by-wire technology used in automobiles is use of electrical systems to perform the functions of the automobile traditionally through mechanical linkages. This technology got known to the Pakistani mechanics and consumers when it was introduced in 8th generation Honda Civic. Previously this technology was only used in the cars like imported Toyota Mark II, Honda Accord CL7/9 or Toyota or Mark X. As we know that in our cars now, there are throttle bodies which is the best example of DBW because the system is completely controlled electronically. The technology has many benefits. First most important benefit of this technology is that it improves the response time for drive by wire systems. The safety and ergonomics are also enhanced. As this technology eliminates the mechanical linkages, so the weight is also saved. The safety is improved by maintaining the stability of the vehicle. It offers other safety options like cruise control or electronic power steering which are ideal in case of an emergency. As the technology is highly appreciated therefore the cost is also high. As the system is complex so the development cost id also high. If there is any failure in the electronic control, it could also result in hazardous situations.