How to get rid of Bad Interior Smell from Your Car

If you feel bad interior smell in your car, it is definitely very unpleasant. There can be a variety of causes for the bad odor in your car. You need to eliminate that bad odor to make it feel like new. So you obviously need a proper hygiene of your car. For this purpose, you need to begin with some important steps to eliminate any different types of smells. First of all you must take care of your car. If you are busy and don’t find time in regular cleaning of the car, then it is better to use air freshener daily as the bad smell will be removed with the mixing of air freshener. The smell of smoke gets everywhere in the car even in the air conditioner of the car so spraying and the use of air fresheners can help to get rid of the smoke smell. Sometimes vacuuming can be very helpful in eliminating bad odor. Try to vacuum in every corner of the car as smell hides in small places and corners. You can also use tea bags of different flavors for removing the smell and giving a pleasant refreshing effect. Pay a proper attention on the cleaning of the child seats, trunk (boot), and dashboard of the car regularly.